At CFT Consulting, we understand, every organization is formed with effective teamwork. Thus we focus on the factor of bridging the employment gap. The right candidate is just the right network away. Let us fetch the essential talent and put it in the right place with our lens. Opportunity seekers, opportunity creators, and opportunity distributors are all part of the business circle. CFT Consulting knows this model closely and helps it sustain long by extending the right set of resource access.

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RPO Services

Hire the Best RPO Services The prime role of RPO is to…

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Inside Sales Training

Due to the advancement of technology and changing lifestyles, tastes, attitudes, and…

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Remote Sales Support

In the sales department, the sales support associate is the key member…

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How to Use Sourcing to Improve Your Candidate Experience?

Before we even talk about various sourcing methods that improve candidate experience, one should know about candidate experience. Candidate experience means the experience a candidate gets through the hiring process.

IT Staffing Services by CFT Consulting

IT is one of the most dynamic and rapidly growing industries of the 21st century. From being just about software development, It has today grown to cover the domains of

Understanding B2B marketing strategy for business growth

Understanding Business to Business marketing strategy for business growth: Business to business marketing strategy is also interchangeably known as e-biz, is the exchange of products, services, and information between the

Staff builds your Business

We have reliable access to a highly effective hub of candidates and professionals who are potent enough to enhance your business’ potent.

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